The congress Niepodległa in Warsaw

The congress 'Niepodległa' in Warsaw

The congress Niepodległa in Warsaw

The congress 'Niepodległa' started in Warsaw. We invite you to visit the ENRS booth (11-12 January).

The event is an opportunity to discuss a modern cultural and educational offer for the inhabitants of Poland. Experts from the world of culture, education and representatives of central and local authorities will analyse various visions of the promotion of Poland and Polish culture abroad. 

Sessions and panel discussions during the conference will cover the following topics:

Path A: Heritage and its role in building historical memory

Path B: Modern education to participate in culture

Path C: Interinstitutional and cross-sectoral cooperation for culture and heritage

Path D: Building and promoting the image of Poland abroad.

The broadcast of plenary sessions is available on YouTube:

???? January 11,11.00-13.15 CEST: Opening of the congress and inaugural plenary session (➡️

???? January 12, 10.30-12.00 CEST: 'Poland 2018 - 2118 - the role of the community in creating the position of Poland' (➡️

???? January 12, 13.30-14.30 CEST: 'Patriotism (un)modern? Debate summarizing the project of the Center for the Thought of John Paul II Two colors - between rebellion and obedience' (➡️

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