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    About Christians under totalitarian rule from 1945 to circa 1960

    7 – 10 August, 2016, Bad Kissingen, Germany

    ENRS had the honor to be a co-organiser of the conference on "Christen unter totalitärer Herrschaft von 1945 bis ca. 1960 in der SBZ/DDR, Polen, der Ukraine und der ČSSR" (English: Christians under totalitarian rule from 1945 to circa 1960 – Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine).


    7 – 10 August, 2016. “Der Heiligenhof” Education Centre and Meeting Place in Bad Kissingen

    Program of the conference

    Welcome and Opening: Introduction to the Conference Program – Rainer Bendel, Tübingen

    The European Network Remembrance and Solidarity and its mission – Matthias Weber, Oldenburg

    Thematic focus: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (ČSSR)
    The situation of Christians in Czechoslovakia – Otfrid Pustejovsky, Waakirchen
    Two faces of the Catholic Church following the Communist assumption of power in Czechoslovakia – Resistance and Adaptation – Jaroslav Šebek, Prague
    Christians under totalitarian rule in Slovakia – Ivan A. Petranský, Preßburg/ Bratislava

    Thematic focus: Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
    Three days that changed Ukraine. The Pseudo-Synod of Lviv from 8-10 March, 1946, to the “liquidation” of the Greek-Catholic Church in Galicia – Karin Boeckh, Regensburg
    Everyday life in the underground: Episcopal succession, training of priests and pastoral care, using the example of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church – Andriy Mykhaleyko, Eichstätt
    Stalinist “Reunification of the United Church” in Ukraine: Motives, models, methods – Oleh Turiy, Lemberg/Lviv

    Thematic focus: Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR
    Christians between the fronts. The Youth dedication ceremony as an expression of the conflict between Church and State in GDR – Thomas Arnold, Dresden
    Bishop Julius Döpfner in the eyes of the State Security – Jörg Seiler, Erfurt
    Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR: A minor headwind in the storm of Socialism. On the life of Christians in the GDR and their opportunities for worship – Josef Pilvousek, Erfurt

    Meeting of scholarship holders: Introduction and discussion of current projects from Cardinal Bertram Scholarship holders
    The Ackermann Community and Bohemia: the ‘Persecuted Church’ initiative in the 1960s and 1970s – lecture from Franz Kubin (Director of Studies, retired), Bamberg
    Conversations with contemporary witnesses
    History, functions and objectives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Bamberg. Conversation with the Rev. Bogdan Puszkar, Bamberg

    Thematic focus: Polish People’s Republic
    Christians in the Polish People’s Republic – Jerzy Myszor, Kattowitz/Katowice
    The situation for Ukrainians in Warmia and Masuria following their resettlement in this area in 1947 – Andrzej Kopiczko, Olsztyn/Allenstein

    Partners and organisers

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