Everyday life in the shadow of a border

    08 - 21 July 2013, Cieszyn Silesia, Poland / Czech Republic

    The project "Everyday life in the shadow of a border: Women's experiences in a region cut in half. Cieszyn Silesia" focused on everyday life of the women of Cieszyn Silesia on both (Polish and Czech) sides of the border.

    It looked for answers to the following questions: how does the great politics intervene in the life of ordinary people?; what does the border mean for them?; how do they try to cope with it?.

    As a result of the project, a film Żywobyci przi granicy. Babski godki z obu strón Olzy [Everyday Life on a Border. Women’s Stories from Both Sides of the Olza] was created by dr hab. Grażyna Kubica-Heller.

    Partners and organisers

    Organiser: ENRS, Fundacja Dobra Wola

    Partners: MONAliesA Leipzig, Germany; Občanské sdružení Petrklíč help, o.s, Český Těšín, Czech Republik

    Funding: NCK, WBK Bank Zachodni Foundation