Images of others in Central and Eastern Europe

    15-17 November 2012, Warsaw, Poland

    The purpose of the international conference ‘Images of others in Central and Eastern Europe. Continuity and change in mutual perception in the period 1968–89’ was a reconstruction of ‘images of others’ at the national and international level, and a presentation of the diversity and the many dimensions of communication processes that generate those images.

    The keynote lecture was given by Georges Mink - Director of Studies at the College of Europe (Warsaw, Poland) and Director of Research at the Intitut des Sciences Sociales et du Politique (CNRS - France).

    Partners and organisers

    Organisers: European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, German Historical Institute Warsaw, Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Chemnitz University of Technology, Nordost Institute (Institute for the Culture and History of the Germans in North Eastern Europe)