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    International Festival of History "Anamneses"

    12-16 May 2012, Wrocław, Poland

    The first International Festival of History in Poland took place in Wrocław from 12 to 16 May 2012. Historians, writers, artists, students, academics and others interested in 20th century European history had the chance to take part in workshops, films screenings, debates, and concerts. The festival focused on the tragic history of Eastern Europe, where 14 million people were murdered in mass genocides under two totalitarian regimes: Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

    We co-organised the following events:

    "Who is into historical cinema? In the shadow of the swastika and the red star" film festival

    The 6th edition of the film festival "Who is into historical cinema", co-organised by ENRS and Polish History Museum for the first time took place in Wroclaw. Documentaries and feature films from various Central and Eastern European countries were screened during the festival. Each of them was preceded by an introduction by an expert. On the last day our guest was famous Polish film director, Agnieszka Holland. After the screening of her movie "Angry Harvest" she enchanted the audience with fascinating stories from her life and career.

    "Totalitaranism and the cinema" debate

    Who is into historical cinema? Is it still interesting to Polish, Hungarian, Slovak audiences? What are the challenges of historical cinema?


    ● Agnieszka Holland - Polish film director, nominated for an Oscar for her movie "In Darkness"
    ● Monika Mikušová - Slovak film critic, Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava
    ● Balázs Varga - Hungarian film critic, Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest
    Moderator: Robert Kostro - director of Polish History Museum

    "Historical politics – history in politics" debate

    What is historical politics? Is politics without history possible? How does historical politics look like in different countries?


    ● Christoph Böhr - German politician (CDU), former member of German Parliament
    ● Erhard Busek - Austrian politician (ÖVP), former Vice-Chancellor of Austria
    ● Marek A. Cichocki - Polish philosopher, director of European Centre Natolin
    ● Leonidas Donskis - Lithuanian philosopher, member of European Parliament
    ● Robert Traba - Polish historian, director of CBH PAN in Berlin
    Moderator: Jacek Stawiski

    Debate – "Totalitarianism in the exhibition space"

    How is totalitarianism presented in various museums? What are the limitations for such exhibitions? Is it possible to construct one universal narrative about difficult past?


    ● Dan Michman - Yad Vashem Institute, Jerusalem, Israel
    ● Jan Ołdakowski - Director of Warsaw Rising Museum, Warsaw, Poland
    ● Wolfgang Templin - Director of Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw, Poland
    ● Rafał Wnuk - Museum of the Second World War, Gdansk, Poland
    Moderator: Robert Kostro - Director of Polish History Museum

    Photogallery from the debates

    Summaries of the abovementioned debates and more are avaliable on the Festival's website:

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