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    Józef Tischner International Congress

    25–27 October 2011, Kraków, Poland

    Józef Tischner was a priest and a philosopher, the author of over 600 articles and books. One of the leading moral authorities during the anti-communist opposition movement, Tischner was considered the chaplain of the “Solidarity” trade union.

    The main subject of the congress was the connection between the concepts of Good and Truth in Józef Tischner’s thought. The participants discussed how and to what extent the concepts of Good and Truth in Józef Tischner’s thought answers the challenges of the modern world. Those present included Prof. Jan Rydel and Dr Ján Čarnogurský from European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, as well as special guests Prof. Chantal Delsol and Prof. Nikolaus Lobkowicz.

    A book entitled “Wobec Dobra i Prawdy w dialogu z Tischnerem” (“In the Presence of Good and Truth in Dialogue with Tischner”) was published as a fruit of the conference. It is proof that Józef Tischner's thought continues to be as fascinating and inspirational today as it was during his life, and that his thought remains a firm element of modern philosophy and culture.

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