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    Reshaping the Image of democratic Revolutions 1989

    European contemporary Perspectives and forgotten Lessons from the Past

    2019 - 2021, various locations

    The project seeks to remind European citizens about the democratic revolutions 1989-1990 as a period of arduous struggles for pluralistic democracy and peaceful coexistence in Europe with the aim to strengthen the contemporary commitment of the European citizens to the preservation of democratic pluralism and democratic institutions. While fostering the transnational dialogue of the European citizens about 1989 and its consequences, the project increases awareness among the citizens about the similarities of European countries and thereby contributes to the strengthening of European identity. Furthermore, the project fosters a resilience against contemporary populist narratives based on the promise of a return to the allegedly “better past”.

    Timetable of activities

    November 2019, Zagreb: Kick-off meeting + public panel discussion

    April 2020, Rijeka: International forum

    September 2021, Thessaloniki: Seminar for history educators (teachers and youth workers)

    September - December 2021, different locations: Local events organized by each of the partners

    March 2022, Vienna: Evaluation meeting and two public presentations of the project and its results


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