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    After the Great War. Challenges for Europe 1918-2018

    European Remembrance Symposium 2018

    15-17 May, Bucharest

    The seventh European Remembrance Symposium will take place in the centennial year marking the end of the First World War. As citizens of contemporary Europe, we do not wish to be driven by anniversaries or jubilees. Yet, we also cannot ignore the seminal year 1918 as it offers a good opportunity to evaluate the past and seek a better common future in Europe.


    Symposium / Bucharest 2018

    15/05/2018 Tuesday

    Welcome notes
    Ministry of Culture and National Identity of Romania
    Opening Discussion: Fear and hopes. Now and then
    Prof. Marek Cichocki (European Center Natolin, Poland)
    Prof. Dan Dungaciu (Institute of Political Science, Romania)
    Prof. Anne Deighton (Oxford University, United Kingdom)
    Prof. Jörn Leonhard (University of Freiburg, Germany)
    Prof. Martin Pekár (Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Slovakia)
    Prof. Attila Pók (ENRS Academic Council / Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Institute of Advanced Studies, Kőszeg, Hungary)

    Moderator: Gemma Pörzgen (Germany)
    Coffee break
    Turbo presentations

    16/05/2018 Wednesday

    Introductory lectures
    Ministry of Culture and National Identity of Romania
    Professor Miklós Horváth, House of Terror, Péter Pázmány Catholic University
    Professor Kazimierz Michał Ujazdowski, Member of the European Parliament, ENRS Advisory Board
    Markus Meckel, German War Graves Commission, ENRS Advisory Board

    Host: Gergely Prőhle, Ministry of Human Capacities
    Parallel Sessions
    SESSION A: Peace Finding and Security

    Prof. Anne Deighton (Oxford University, United Kingdom)
    Prof. Frédéric Dessberg (University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne/ Saint Cyr Military Academy)

    Moderator: Dr Oldřich Tůma (ENRS Academic Council / Institute of Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences, the Czech Republic)

    SESSION B: Minorities and Cultural Identities

    Prof. Béla Borsi-Kálmán (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)
    Prof. Stefan Wolff (Birmingham University, United Kingdom)

    Moderator: Dr Mihail E. Ionescu (ENRS Advisory Board / National School of Political Science and Public Administration, Romania)
    Coffee break
    Panel discussion: Sovereignty and Integration
    Dr Sławomir Dębski (Polish Institute of International Affairs, Poland)
    Prof. Vasile Pușcaș (Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
    Prof. Maxime Lefebvre (ESCP Europe, France)

    Moderator: Dr Nadiia Bureiko (NGO “Quadrivium”/ Foreign Policy Council 'Ukrainian Prism', Ukraine)
    Lunch break
    Speed Geeking
    Tour of the Palace of the Parliament

    17/05/2018 Thursday

    Panel discussion: Different approaches to remembering the First World War
    Ministry of Culture and National Identity of Romania
    Dr Chantal Kesteloot (Cegesoma, Belgium)
    Robert Kostro (ENRS Advisory Board / Polish History Museum, Poland)
    Alan Wakefield (Imperial War Museum, United Kingdom)

    Moderator: Acad. Răzvan Theodorescu (ENRS Academic Council / Romanian Academy, Romania)
    Coffe break
    Panel discussion: Future overlooking the past
    Michael Žantovský (Václav Havel Library, the Czech Republic)
    Prof. David Reynolds (University of Cambridge)

    Moderator: Markus Meckel (ENRS Advisory Board)
    Guided tours: Bucharest
    The tours will last approx. till 16:30


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