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'Visualisations of 20th-century Forced Migrations'

language: English
subtitles: none
duration: 00:31:15

A film presentation of works created by the participants of the educational programme ‘Visualisations of 20th-century Forced Migrations’

Mladen Nikolić
Olga Filonchuk
Kalina Trajanovska
Joanna Kowalska
Badri Okujava
Antonia Foldes
Liana Blicharska
Daria Koltsova
Andrea Škopková
Brenna Yellin

’Visualisations of 20th-century Forced Migrations. Transnational Memory in Pictures and Art’ was a programme for young artists and professionals under the age of 35 interested in the complex histories of the European regions affected by forced migration. The project was a joint initiative of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity and Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V.

language: English
subtitles: none
duration: 00:31:15