Freedom Express


Date: 29.08 - 14.09.2014
Participants: up to 20 people aged 18-28
Route: Gdańsk, Warsaw, Budapest, Timişoara, Sopron, Bratislava, Prague and Berlin


Project objectives: to enable a group of young people to meet the "living history" of 1989 - the places and actors of the democratic changes in Central and Eastern Europe.


• What you need to do:

a) Write a creative interpretation of the topic: 'The traces of '89 today - people, places and events' up to 9,000 characters. (The work can take any creative form of expression, including fields such as literature, journalism, visual arts, music, science, film and photography.)

b) Write a short cover letter of up to 700 characters: Why you would like to take part in the Freedom Express trip?

c) Send us your resumé

Last day for applications: 15th July 2014

Costs: the organisers will cover the costs of food, accommodation and transport during the trip, as well as the transport to Gdańsk and from Berlin.

Organiser: The European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (


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