International Youth Summer Camp „Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators“
Photo: Marcin Oliva Soto

International Youth Summer Camp „Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators“

Photo: Marcin Oliva Soto

People from Croatia and Norway can still apply.

This summer, young people from 12 European countries are going to gather in Croatia to learn and to discuss the relevance of coming to terms with history and history teaching for contemporary human rights education. The event hopes to provide an opportunity to future youth-leaders to work as facilitators and to apply their ideas and skills in the field of historic civic education.

The Summer Camp offers a space for young people to learn about political violence and suppression in the contemporary history of Croatia and Europe. Between 18 and 31 August, the participants are going to travel by bus through Croatia, visiting Zagreb, Vukovar, Rijeka and Pula, as well as the memorail sites Jasenovac, Brijuni Islands, Goli otok and Lipa. They will meet with representatives of several Croatian organisations, discuss their projects and activities, and speak with their peers.

During the stay in Rijeka, the participants will also have a chance to find out more about ENRS and the project " In Between? ".

The interest for participation is considerable; however, there are still some open places for participants from Croatia and Norway.

The residents of the aforementioned countries aged 16-25 who would be interested in taking part in the Summer Camp should check the application conditions with the partner-organisation based in their country:

Croatia: Documenta – Centar za suočavanje s prošlošću
Norway: "Narvik War and Peace Centre"

The Summer Camp is organised by European Youth Meeting and Education Centre in Weimar (EJBW) and Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past from Zagreb as a part of the project " Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators ".



Organisers and partner institutions:


In Flanders Fields Museum (Belgium)
Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past (Croatia)
Ustav Pro Studium Totalitnich Rezimu (Czech Republic)
Sihtasutus Eesti Mälu Instituut (Estonia)
Maison d'Izieu mémorial des enfants juifs (France)
Stiftung Europäische Jugendbildungs- und Jugendbegegnungsstätte Weimar (Germany)
Lietuvos gyventoju genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras (Lithuania)
Narviksenteret (Norway)
Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat (Poland)
UMAR - União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta (Portugal)
Socialna Akademija - Zavod Za Izobrazevanje, Raziskovanje in Kulturo (Slovenia)
Asociacion de Investigacion por la Paz Gernika Gogoratuz (Spain)
European Network Remembrance and Solidarity