About In Between?

    In Between? is an educational project which began in April 2016. The participants are given an opportunity to conduct oral history research in the European borderlands. Gaining theoretical knowledge and interdisciplinary and practical skills, they collect audio and video recordings of individual historical narrations, and scans of private photographs in order to share them with museums and historical archives.

    The participating students, selected in an international two-stage recruitment process, represent various fields of interests, including history, cultural anthropology, sociology, linguistics and arts. First, they take part in interdisciplinary workshops, learning the basics of conducting interviews, digital video camera operation, photography, digitalising visual materials, labelling collected materials with metadata and the necessary historical contexts. Later on, having been split into smaller groups, they travel to the borderland regions in order to speak with representatives of the local communities.

    The project received a special mention of Europa Nostra Award 2018.


    Strategic Partners
    Funding: Year 2016
    Funding: Year 2017
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