Go through our publications! At ENRS, we want to create a forum for exchange of opinions between historians, social studies scholars, and representatives of other disciplines engaged in memory studies. One of the ways of achieving this goal is by publishing our own annual journal "Remembrance and Solidarity Studies", as well as supporting external publications focused on remembrance and history of the 20th century in Europe.

Multiple authors

Remembrance and Solidarity Studies in 20th Century European History, Issue number 1. The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact

language: English
  • Ribbentrop and Molotov pact
  • Molotov-Ribbentrop contract

In creating the first issue of Remembrance and Solidarity: Studies in 20th Century European History, we elected not to give it a theme any more precise than what the title seems to suggest. Nonetheless, the scholars we invited to contribute, no matter whether they were experienced or young, submitted texts in which two relatively clear tendencies are evident. The first is the theme of remembering the history of the 20th century in terms of political and societal issues. The authors describe debates and decision-making processes leading to the establishment of days commemorating certain events or situations in which new political rituals come into being that are meant to change our perception of the past. They compare the reigning principles in historical memory in Eastern and Western Europe, and consider the roles of the great historical caesurae in forming a sense of community within a generation. The subject of memory and its political function and potential has evidently lost none of its relevance, and continues to attract researchers, although it has been widely discussed and addressed in Europe for at least twenty years. Another aspect that unites the majority of texts is reference to communist history. This surely results from the history of the communist system and regimes having been ‘delved into’ to a much lesser degree than that of Hitlerism and its affiliated ideologies, and the sinister mark they have left on the history of 20th-century Europe. Although it is not the intention of the publishers of Studies to oppose this sort of compensatory work in the fields of history and memory, we hope that the coming issues of our annual magazine will be devoted to the memory of crises (2013), which were plentiful in 20th-century Europe, and the memory of World War One and its far-reaching effects (2014).

Multiple authors

Fenomén Bratislava

language: Slovak
  • Slovakia
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Czechoslovak Republic
  • Bratislava

Various specialists from different areas – history, architecture, memory studies, economy, Slovenian studies – describe the multilinguistic and multinational heritage of Bratislava from the beginning of 20th century to nowadays. Texts are accompanied by the archival photographs and plans presenting the modernization and metropolitization of Bratislava.

Magazines of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Volume 3.
Published in 2011 by Ustav Pamati Naroda and ENRS.
Edited by Matej Medvecký.

Multiple authors

Erinnerungsorte in Ostmitteleuropa. Erfahrungen der Vergangenheit und Perspektiven.

language: English
  • Multi-ethnism
  • Identities

En: Magazines of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Volume 1. Sites of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe. Experiences and Perspectives.

Eastern Europe had been for ages the place of coexistence for different nations, ethnicities and religions, various identities and mentalities. However, the coexistence was accompanied by numerous tensions and ambiguities and in the end fell apart in the 20th century. Analyzing sites of memory may help in re-adjusting and complementing former interpretations of the past.

Published in 2011 by European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, De Gruyter Oldenbourg.
Edited by Prof. Matthias Weber, Dr Burkhard Olschowsky, Dr Ivan A. Petranský, Prof. Attila Pók, Andrzej Przewoźnik.

Multiple authors

Erinnern an den Zweiten Weltkrieg. Mahnmale und Museen in Mittel- und Osteuropa

language: German
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Second World War
  • commemoration

En: Magazines of European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Volume 2. Commemorating the Second World War: Monuments and Museums in Central and Eastern Europe.

The publication gives a broad view on memory of the Second World War in three countries: Germany, Russia and Poland. The book includes a transcript of discussions focused on themes like Holocaust, Victory Day, occupation and resistance.

Published in 2011 by European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Leipziger Universitätsverlag
Edited by Stefan Troebst, Johanna Wolf.