The Making and Re-Making of Europe: 1919-2019

    European Remembrance Symposium 2019

    27-29 May 2019, Paris

    The 8th edition of the European Remembrance Symposium entitled "The Making and Re-Making of Europe: 1919-2019" takes place in Paris at the Sorbonne University between 27 and 29 May.

    This year's European Remembrance Symposium is dedicated to the issue of how we deal with, narrate and remember decisive changes in the 20th-century history of Europe, such as the years 1919, 1945, 1989.

    In an attempt to promote interdisciplinary and cross-national perspectives, we invite professionals from various academic fields: history, politics, economy, culture and art to come to Paris to discuss ‘different European orders’ in the 20th century and their impact on contemporary societies.


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    Please note that the general registration closes on 22 May.
    However, participants willing to apply for travel and / or accommodation reimbursement must register earlier, by 30 April. The number of reimbursements is limited.

    Turbo Presentations

    Turbo presentations are short (up to 90 seconds) speeches during which each participant has a chance to showcase their institution or project. Those interested in presenting are oblidged to apply in advance.

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