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    Visual evidence of forced migration can be found everywhere in the once multi-ethnic regions of Central and Eastern Europe. Documenting and interpreting this evidence is a crucial task in understanding and expanding the visual memory of this painful chapter of European history. 
    The educational project 'Visualisations of 20th-century Forced Migrations' offers an opportunity to explore historical sources creatively and to produce artworks that enhance the visibility of these events to the public. 
    'Visualisations of 20th-century Forced Migrations' is a programme for young artists and professionals under the age of 35 interested in the complex histories of the European regions affected by forced migration. Areas of interest and expertise may include history, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, journalism and the arts.
    Applicants are asked to formulate an artistic or documentary project aimed at exploring and visually documenting traces of forced migration. This year we will focus on the context of Second World War and the time period of 1933–49.

    Projects may analyse and/or artistically interpret vestiges of forced migration in the form of:
    • documentary and press photography (private and professional),
    • fine art photography,
    • press photography,
    • propaganda images,
    • film stills,
    • graphic novels or comics,
    • drawings, posters, graphics, collages and paintings.

    Participants receive a lump-sum project grant as well as input and support from expert scholars and artists. Organisers cover all costs of participation in the project and seminars both in Berlin and in Poland. 

    Please click here for the list of participants of the 2022 edition of the project


    The Introductory Seminar took place in Berlin, 29 June–2 July 2022 

    The programme consisted of: 

    Welcoming word:
    Annemarie Franke, project coordinator and mentor on behalf of ENRS;
    Vincent Regente, project coordinator on behalf of Deutsche Gesellschaft;
    Prof. Jan Rydel, special guest representing the ENRS Steering Committee;
    Katarzyna Sagatowska, mentor, lecturer, art advisor and photographer.

    Lecture and discussion:
    Introduction to the "Visual History" as academic discipline. Representation of forced migrations in visual history research.
    Prof. Annette Vowinckel, Humboldt University Berlin and ZZF Potsdam (Centre for Contemporary History Research hosting the Online Repository for Visual History Research

    Public relations and history education on Instagram and other social media, as well as for the participant’s projects.
    Irina Peter, freelance journalist and resident writer in Odessa, 2021 (residency funded by the German Cultural Forum for Central and Eastern Europe, Potsdam.)

    Meeting with the artist Karolina Grzywnowicz and talk about her project Weeds

    Presentation of participants' project plans and development of common agreements related to future results.
    Katarzyna Sagatowska, curator, photographer, lecturer and organiser of art events.


    Presentation Seminar and Project Results will be held in Wrocław, 17–19 November 2022
    The results will be available online. 



    Profile image of Katarzyna Sagatowska, PhD Profile image of Katarzyna Sagatowska, PhD

    Katarzyna Sagatowska, PhD


    Polish curator, photographer, lecturer and organiser of art events, as well as promoter of collecting photography in Poland. She graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography at Warsaw Technical University and at the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, where she did her PhD
    Interested in the topic of interrelation between photography and memory – currently she is working with Max Houghton and Kateryna Radchenko on a Polish-British-Ukrainian exhibition devoted to this subject in the context of historical memory.
    Co-author and co-coordinator of the We Are All Photographers (Wszyscy Jesteśmy Fotografami) series – an accessible and friendly guide to the world of contemporary photography, featuring thematic meetings, film screenings and workshops for children.
    Scholar of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the City of Warsaw. Jury member in such contests as Young Creative Chevrolet, BZ WBK Press Foto, ShowOFF of Krakow Photomonth and Photographic Publication of the Year (Fotograficzna Publikacja Roku). Author of solo exhibitions and participant in numerous group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
    Founder and owner of JEDNOSTKA – gallery and publishing house. Photo: Adam Kuchna



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