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    About Genealogies of Memory 2011

    Genealogies of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe. Theories and Methods

    23-25 November 2011, Warsaw

    The conference took place in November 2011 in Warsaw as an initiating event of the „Genealogies of Memory” project. Among the participants of the conference were researchers from Europe, US and Australia who debated on the state of memory studies in Central and Eastern Europe. The keynote address was given by prof. Aleida Assmann (University of Konstanz). The conference was an opportunity to review different approaches and findings from research projects. Presentations given during the conference discussed various themes, such as: memory in borderlands, media of remembrance, public and private discourses of past, role of historians in memory processes.

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    Academic Committee:
    Dr hab. Maciej Bugajewski
    Dr Burkhard Olschowsky
    Dr Małgorzata Pakier
    Prof. Gertrud Pickhan
    Prof. Jan Rydel
    Dr Joanna Wawrzyniak

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    With the “Genealogies of Memory” project we facilitate academic exchange between Central and East European scholars of individual and collective memory.

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