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    About In Between? 2022

    6–16 July 2022, Alsace, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Cieszyn Silesia

    In Between? is an educational project for students interested in exploring the history of the European borderland regions. The participants will meet in Warsaw to take part in workshops on anthropology, oral history methodology and podcast production. Subsequently, the group will be split into smaller teams and will travel to three different borderland regions to conduct interviews with the representatives of local communities. During the study visit, the teams will gather sound recordings, and create podcasts featuring the region’s culture of remembrance.

    Dates & Locations

    Workshops in Warsaw, Poland 6–8 July 2022

    Study visits 9–16 July 2022

    This year’s destinations are:

    • Alsace (French-German borderland)
    • Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italian-Slovenian borderland)
    • Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion (Czech-Polish borderland)

    How To Apply

    Applicants are welcome to send their application via an online form by 24 April 2022.
    Some tips before you apply:

    1. Before applying, please read our Rules of Application
    Read the rules of application

    2. Take a short tour through the form before filling it in. Prepare your answers to the questions in a word editor and copy them into the form. The application form requires complete editing; there is no possibility of return.

    3. You will have to upload your CV to submit the form.
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    We are looking forward to your application!

    About the Project

    In Between? is an educational project for students and young professionals focused on oral history.

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