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    About Freedom Express

    Freedom Express is a socio-educational campaign launched on the 25th anniversary of 1989 - the “year of changes”.

    The aims of the Freedom Express campaign were to:

    ■ commemorate the 25th anniversary of the collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe

    ■ strengthen knowledge among young people of the democratic changes that took place 25 years ago in Central Europe

    ■ provide a space for international cooperation between young and creative people

    ■ create essential open-source content which would help all interested in deepening their historical knowledge

    ■ show different historical paths and contexts, often called ‘roads to freedom’, which led to changes

    Honorary Committee

    Timothy Garton Ash
    Władysław Bartoszewski
    Ana Blandiana
    Erhard Busek
    Jerzy Buzek
    Ján Čarnogurský
    Iulius Filip
    László Tőkés
    Sándor Lezsák
    František Mikloško
    Jan Olszewski
    Petr Pithart
    Martin Pollack
    Hans-Gert Pöttering
    Karel Schwarzenberg
    Jiří Stránský
    Magda Vášáryová
    Lech Wałęsa

    Advisory Council

    Florin Abraham
    Mirosław Bałka
    Zoltán Bíró
    Ján Budaj
    Ryszard Bugajski
    Josef Höchtl
    Anna Kaminsky
    Łukasz Kamiński
    Basil Kerski
    Csaba G. Kiss
    Ondrej Krajňák
    Michal Lukeš
    Peter Oliver Loew
    Dragoș Petrescu
    Attila Pók
    Jan Rydel
    Stefan Troebst
    Oldřich Tůma
    Alexandr Vondra
    Taja Vovk van Gaal
    Matthias Weber


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